Continuing the Mission in FY15

Stuart MacVean, SRR President and Project Manager

Cleaning up the legacy liquid waste from the Cold War is a top priority at the Savannah River Site (SRS). Savannah River Remediation (SRR) is contracted by the U.S. Department of Energy (DOE) to focus on safely dispositioning this waste and operationally closing million-gallon waste tanks.

SRR is making great strides in executing our mission.

The work we do is technically complex, but our employees, craft workers and subcontractors understand how to safely and efficiently perform their jobs to ensure SRR is providing a sound return on investment of taxpayer dollars.

Our operational success is nothing short of outstanding and is unique across the DOE Complex. We are immobilizing waste, cleaning waste tanks and closing them. Nobody else in the United States today can make that claim.

For example, at our Defense Waste Processing Facility – where we immobilize high-level sludge waste – we have poured nearly 4,000 canisters of glassified waste since the facility began radioactive operations in 1996, nearly half the total canisters expected to be produced. We have processed millions of gallons of salt waste, binding it into a concrete-like grout. Finally, we have operationally closed four waste tanks since 2009, with another scheduled for closure this summer.

In all, our work can be summarized in two words: We deliver.

I encourage you to read through this website for the particulars of the details of our work and our success. You will see our employees are dedicated to reducing the risk of the legacy liquid waste at SRS.

Stuart MacVean
SRR President and Project Manager